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Program AIf you would like to stop smoking completely before starting the program:

In stable cardiovascular disease Nicotinell TTS presents a lesser hazard than continuing to smokeHowever dependent smokers currently hospitalized as a result of a recent myocardial infarctionunstable or worsening angina pectoris including Prinzmetal’s anginasevere cardiac arrhythmiasuncontrolled hypertension or recent cerebrovascular accident and who are considered to be haemodynamically unstable should be encouraged to stop smoking with non-pharmacological interventionssuch as counsellingIf this failsNicotinell TTS may be considered but as data on safety in this patient group are limitedinitiation should only be under medical supervision.

Nicotinell Chewing Gum works most effectively when you have a strong personal commitment to stop smokingYou cannot rely on Nicotinell alone to break the habitYou are more likely to quit smoking when using the product with help from your pharmacistdoctora trained counsellor or a support programCounselling is available from various groups and to get the best out of Nicotinellwe encourage you to enrol in a supportive group.

Do not drink coffee or soft drinks for 15 minutes before chewing the gumThey may keep the nicotine in the gum from being absorbed properly.

There is no evidence of any risks associated with driving or operating machinery when Nicotinell TTS is used following the recommended dose.

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nicotinell patches 35mg are used for either relieving or avert withdrawal symptoms once you have completely stopped smoking.

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