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Anti-Hypertensive TherapyPossibly through promotion of fluid retentiondanazol can oppose the action of anti-hypertensive agents.

In view of its pharmacologyknown interactions and side effectsparticular care should be observed when using danazol in patients with hepatic or renal diseasehypertension or other cardiovascular disease and in any state which may be exacerbated by fluid retention as well as in diabetes mellituspolycythaemiaepilepsylipoprotein disorderin those with a history of thrombosisand in those who have shown marked or persistent androgenic reaction to previous gonadal steroid therapyAdjustment in concomitant therapy may be called for particularly in patients with hypertensiondiabetes mellitus or epilepsy when introducing or discontinuing danazol as well as during Danazol treatment.

Experience of long term therapy with danazol is limitedWhilst a atorlip 10 price course of therapy may need to be repeatedcare should be observed as no safety data are available in relation to repeated courses of treatment over timeThe long-term risk of 17-alkylated steroidsincluding benign hepatic adenomatahepatocellular focal nodular hyperplasiapeliosis hepatis and hepatic carcinomashould be considered when danazolwhich is chemically related to these compoundsis used for periods longer than those normally recommended.

3For the treatment of severe cyclical mastalgia with or without nodularityfibrocystic diseaseunresponsive to counselling or simple analgesicsTo reduce paintenderness and nodularity.

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